We Have the Right Engineered Material For Your Application

Non-Woven Wipers

Whatever the application, we have the right non-woven wiper for you. From Aerospace and Automotive to Hospitality, Food Service and Janitorial, we have the right non-woven disposable wiper that meets your performance specifications. Trust our experts in developing packaging and private labeling solutions for you.


Disposable Wipers

Hydro Entangled Spunlace

12” x 12”, 9” x 17”, 12” X 13” 

Roll, Pop Up, 1/4 Fold - Embossed finish

Description: Extremely versatile, strong & highly absorbent. Very low lint, solvent resistant, abrasion resistant, wipes dry & is use reusable

Food Service Spunlace

12” X 21”

1/4 Fold - Spunlace - 24 Mesh finish

Description: Designed for multi use purposes where wet strength and durability are needed. Yellow, Blue, White, Pink, ideal for food preparation and manufacturing, restaurants, healthcare facilities, hospitality & schools, apertured to give it the ability to pick up food or dirt particles better & color coding allows prevention of cross contamination.


9” x 16.75”, 9” x 13”, 12” x 13”

Pop Up, Center Pull, Roll - Smooth finish

Description: Similar cloth like feel and thickness to Airlay but made from a stronger cellulose. Great softness & absorbency making it an ideal all purpose wiper. White, reusable, abrasion resistant & economical.


9" X 17", 9.5" X 275', 12" X 13"

Pop up, Non-Perf. Roll, Flat Pack - Embossed finish

Description: Low cost, low lint, no streaking, ideal for glass, mirrors, stainless steel and smooth surface cleaning. An excellent light to medium duty wiper. Good all purpose wiper. Nylon netting provides extra durability yet will not scratch most surfaces.

Tack Cloth

23” X 24”

Gang folded - Resinbond - Smooth finish 

Description: Treated to catch and hold dust, making it ideal for areas where airborne dust needs to be controlled. It is treated with mineral oil to eliminate additional aerosol cleaners making it environmentally friendly.


12” X 21” 

1/4 Fold - Rayon/PET - Textured finish 

Description: Designed specifically for the automotive industry, low linting & non abrasive wiper. Blue, economical, cloth like thickness, the textured finish helps to trap particles.

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