Coastal Sorbents for Tough, High-Quality Absorbents

Industrial Absorbents

We offer a comprehensive line of oil only, universal and hazardous material sorbents as well as spill containment kits and emergency response products. Our products are proudly made in the USA of only the highest quality components that meet or exceed international testing standards. 


Oil Only, Universal, & Haz-Mat


Meltblown Pads

18" x 24" - Oil only , Universal, Haz-Mat

Description: Extremely strong, tough and durable, their UV resistance makes them ideal for prolonged outdoor maintenance and repairs. They will withstand moderate foot & forklift traffic and they are perfect for wiping down sharp tools and machinery with no lint.


Meltblown Rolls

18" x 24" Oil only, Universal, Haz-Mat

Description: Great for clean-up of large oil spills, gas, kerosene and other hydro carbon fluids, both on land and water. Oil only is an excellent choice for a go to MRO outdoor product in marine environments when you want to avoid soaking up water based liquids.


Meltblown Pillows

12" x 16" Oil only, Universal, Haz-Mat

Description: Ideal for plant maintenance, these pillows absorb drips and leaks too large for a pad. Place them under machines and leaky hydraulic hoses. They fit easily into cramped spaces and mold conveniently to uneven surfaces


Meltblown Booms

4" x 10', 6" x 10' - Oil only, Universal

Description: Very effective at containing and preventing oil and chemical spills from polluting the environment. The oil select booms are for marine or outdoor use to absorb hydrocarbon based spills when you don’t want to absorb water. The universal booms are designed for use on land and can absorb both water based and hydrocarbon based spills and are used where you don’t need the boom to float.


Meltblown Socks

3" x 48" Oil only, Universal, Haz-Mat

Description: OIl socks and universal socks are perfect for wrapping around leaking machinery and equipment. They effectively mold to the surface to contain fluids. Hazmat socks are filled with meltblown polypropylene and are quickly and easily deployed for hazardous or unknown spills or leaks and they to easily conform to the surface for maximum protection.