A Heritage of wiping solutions

Wipers are in our DNA!

The Coastal Wipers family has deep roots in the wiping cloth industry. Starting in 1982 with Gary Smiles when he founded Coastal Wipers in Tampa, Florida and now with his son David Smiles, proudly carrying on the family business, building on the success that father Gary has established.

Coastal Wipers is on a mission... People, Planet and Profit may be a catchy tag line for some companies, but we are committed to improving the lives of our employees and the communities they live in, being environmentally responsible with our manufacturing and sourcing practices and growing a sustainable profitable business that endures for future generations.

A deep understanding that all wiping solutions are unique to the customers needs, our team of "Wiper Experts" are here to prescribe the very best suited wiper for your application. You can rest assured your getting a wiper that will meet your unique performance needs and provide for the most cost effective solution.

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