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Nonwoven fabrics are defined as a web or sheet of fibers bonded together by entangling fiber or filaments mechanically, thermally or chemically. They are flat porous sheets that are made directly from separate fibers. They are not made by weaving or knitting and do not require converting the fibers into yarn. Nonwoven fabrics have replaced many traditional textiles due to their superior properties and efficient manufacturing processes. Most nonwovens can be effectively produced and finished to have specific benefits such as flame retardancies, high liquid absorbency, liquid repellency, high tensile strength, bacterial resistance, abrasion resistance, softness and more. Nonwoven fabrics are engineered for disposable, reusable and permanent applications.


AIRLAY - Cellulose fiber held together with a binding agent. Very absorbent but not as soft as DRC and does not dry completely to the touch. It is also one of the lintier nonwoven disposable wipers.

DRC - Double Re-Creped Cellulose fibers that are held together with a binding agent. Very absorbent, very soft with less lint and higher tensile strength then Airlay.

SCRIM - A net sheet of nylon that has up to 4 layers of paper mechanically bonded to both sides. It is low
linting and non streaking but has poor wet strength.

RESINBOND - A blend of Rayon and Polyester that are held together with a binding agent. Apertured to create a mesh like finish, soft, strong and ideal for reusable wet wipe purposes.

SPUNLACE - A term for multiple types of nonwoven wipers produced by hydro-entangling the fibers together.

FOODSERVICE SPUNLACE - A dry laid wiper blend of Rayon & Polyester fibers. Apertured to create a mesh like finish, multiple color options for color coding ability to eliminate cross contamination, soft, strong when wet and designed just for foodservice applications.

SMOOTH OR CREPED SPUNLACE - A dry laid blend of Woodpulp and Polyester fibers usually white or blue in color. Very strong, very low lint. The “Cadillac” of nonwoven wipers.

HYDRO ENTANGLED SPUNLACE - A wet laid Cellulose fiber that is hydro-entangled into a Polypropylene carrier sheet. Exceptionally strong and absorbent. Multi use rag replacement. The strongest, toughest most absorbent wiper currently in the market.